Urban causes APC meeting delay

Monday’s Oct. 8 Area Plan Commission meeting must be rescheduled due to Mayor Leonard Urban.

Urban has reportedly scheduled another one of his “special” City Council meetings forcing the APC from its scheduled time slot. The APC has held a meeting at 7:00 on the second Monday of the month for many -many years in City Hall but Urban apparently didn’t care.  Reid Hospital was on the agenda for a potential rezone of land on the east side of Connersville but the meeting has now been postponed until Wednesday Oct. 17th at the same time and location.

Area Plan Director, Bill MacDaniel, said he has spoke with John Baker and the Clerk Treasurer about reimbursing the county for the expenses.

“Because we have a public meeting on the agenda we can not simply move it to another location, time or date. The change must be advertised and property owners notified in the same manner as the original. The initial cost to the petitioner was about $68.00 for the public notice and $118.00 for certified letters,” he said.


9 thoughts on “Urban causes APC meeting delay

  1. Thats ok “What” I am just surprised that your comments made it on here cause I have tried to comment but they stated facts and Burgess doesn’t like that. He only cares if you dislike Urban. Burgess and Hendrix only write biased stories and refuse to write facts.

  2. Burgess since when does a county board have rights to a city hall room over the city? The city is going through the budget process. I can’t imagine city council chambers is the ONLY meeting room. Just another petty complaint on your part. Tell McDaniel to make a few calls and move to the commissioners room. It’s not brain surgery!

    • Hey dumbass, it’s called professionalism! Do you not realize that the APC &BZA are a city function as well as county. Unless you know what your talking about STFU and stay with the cartoon channel. It’s obvious you’re not prepared to swim in the deep end of the pool!

      It never ceases to amaze me who the people with the least clue are the most likely to express their imbecilic opinions…………

    • Who knew? Leonard Urban’s demon offspring can still read and write. Ha Ha Ha, your daddy is an even bigger douchbag than you are. And the whole town is finally figuring it out. The apc along with the bza, have held meetings in the city hall meeting room for at least the last 2 decades dumbass. KY colonel Leonard is just too damned old and feeble to know that. Early alsheimer’s is slowly kicking in on the great grandpa mayor while cocaine is still fogging up Chris’s small brain. Moving the meeting would be illegal without public notice. What a dipshit.

      • It’s called priorities douche bags. The city has precedence over their own building. The APC director apparently couldn’t make a few phone calls without complaining. Why can’t they meet in the same building where their business is mainly conducted–aka the courthouse!!! That would be like the commissioners meeting at city hall….y’all are burgess clones!!!

        • That’s rich, coming from an Urban suck up. Just like every other decision Urban has made, its his way or else. What does it matter to Urban that the APC/BZA has met in that building since it was turned into city hall? If Urban wants his way the rest of the world can go to hell, right? Urban is the poster child for narcissism and the epitome of everything that’s wrong with Connersville.

          When are you drones going to learn that if it suits Urban’s agenda he will throw you under the bus just like he has done everyone else in his life. His ex wife, his daughter that was handicapped, his oldest son (multiple times, Chrissy Poo Poo is just to big a loser to not crawl back to daddy) and everyone else. Just up and smell the coffee Jr., your’e just an end to Urban’s means. Grow a pair and stop drinking Urban’s tainted Kool-Aid.

          • oh well….it says Fayette county APC….that needs to be conducted in the courthouse. Does the board of works meet at the courthouse? hell no, because it is Connersville Board of Works and meets at city hall. How difficult is it for you Burgess butt buddies can’t understand?

          • To start with, you are a moron. 2ndly your dad is a selfish backstabbing moneyhungry moron.

            Connersville is in Fayette County idiot.

            Go back to what you know. Banging the latest “beloved grandmother” (or grandfather we know you go both ways).

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