Reid Hospital wanting Fayette County land rezoned

Monday evening the Fayette County Area Plan Board will decide if land will be rezoned for the Richmond Hospital’s use creating a “Reid Complex” on the east side of Connersville.¬† Reid, who already owns¬† the Whitewater Valley Medical Center on State Road 44, want to build three new buildings totaling 30,000 square feet directly across the street.

According to APC Director, Bill MacDaniel, “zoning in the vicinity of the property included in the petition is an incoherent mix of zoning districts that does not conform to a rational planning process. The land use in the area is a mix of individual zoning decisions made without consideration of context of neighboring uses.”

Fayette Regional Health Systems officials are expected to be in attendance to object to the rezone. The meeting – 7:00 Monday at City Hall – is open to the public.




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