Metronet fixes fiber optic problem

UPDATE: By late morning many upper channels had returned for some customers while network channels remained out. As of early afternoon – “everyone should be up and running again.” Football weekend continues for many …

Many Connersville residents went to bed last night after their televisions froze or went black at about 10:20 p.m. -only to wake up with still no service.  Watching weekend football may be in jeopardy …

“We are experiencing multiple fiber cuts currently – all network services are effected and we are working to resolve this issue.”   That  is the recording customers hear when calling the 1-877-407-3224 customer support line.

While Metronet’s website says nothing about the outage (only information on how to sign-up for their great service) Metronet’s facebook page explains …

“Please be aware that this is only a fan page for Cinergy Metronet, and is not run by, or (to my knowledge) monitored by any company officials. That being said, a lot of customers in Vincennes are reporting cable and Internet outages. I am told that Cinergy experienced a cutting of one of their fiber optic lines. They are aware of the problem and are attempting to resolve it.”

Towncow servers are powered by Metronet service.


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